Men's Ski Mountaineering Jackets


Ski mountaineering is not for the faint-hearted. The ascent poses the risk of tumbles and can push even the strongest of wills to the limit. The ascent pumps adrenaline throughout the body as rocks and trees whizz by at high speeds. Yet there are a number of lesser-known risks and that’s when high-performance men's ski mountaineering jackets prove their worth. Each jacket in our collection is tailored to deal with crucial issue of climate control. They enable your body to breathe during intense physical activity while preventing the issue of overcooling when you are at rest. This is achieved by incorporating the very cutting edge in thermo-regulation technology into each jacket. Additional features you can find in the collection make life easier on the slopes. These include hoods with zippered gussets so you can reduce their volume when not wearing a helmet, and high collars for added protection. Choose a jacket that has your back for your next high-speed descent.