Men's Climbing Pants


Climbing puts unique demands on you and puts unique demands on your clothing. Your men's climbing pants need to be breathable, flexible, and comfortable as well as tough and durable. The challenges of climbing have led to men's climbing trousers being developed with these exact qualities in mind. At Salewa, our men's climbing pants are as stylish as our hiking trousers but go a little further. Strong legs are vital when tackling a climb so men's climbing trousers need well-constructed legs that give full freedom of movement without any seams that might chafe and cause discomfort. The highly-technical fabric of Salewa men's climbing trousers guarantees this comfortable freedom of movement. At the same time, the elastic content ensures trouser legs stay firmly in place without twisting or riding up. You are left totally free to concentrate on the climb. Partner your men's climbing trousers with mountaineering boots and jackets, and the sky's your limit!

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