Men's Hiking Gear & Clothing

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Every hike demands endurance, and learning experiences that help you grow. Among our range of Men's Hiking Gear & Clothing, including jackets designed for inner and outer layer use, were made to weather the trickiest terrains and toughest challenges with you. Whether you're a regular on the mountains or readying for your first ever hike, make the most of your adventure with Gear & Clothing built with mobility, flexibility and comfort in mind. Backpacks are 25 or 28 liters, and use a contact flow fit to keep the pack close to your body, while allowing your lower back to breathe. Quality long sleeved base-layers or hiking shoes can mean the difference between a miserable trip, and one that makes memories for a lifetime. Our lightweight but sturdy men's men's performance shoes are either low or mid cut depending on preference and support required by your hike. Cultivate your own individual adventure, and have a look on our speed-hiking and approach shoes as well.

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