DATE OF BIRTH: 11/02/1996


When you grow up in the Chiemgau region of Bavaria/Germany, all doors are open to you. That's where I was lucky enough to be born and grow up, and I still live there today. It’s an area that is incredibly versatile and perfect for every kind of sport. Even as a child, I loved nothing better than to partake in sports outdoors. Up until the age of 17, I skied a lot, went climbing and spent many hours and days in the mountains. When I got my Husky Finn at the age of 18, I started ski touring and trail running. I was always looking for more remote, little-known areas, new mountains to run and that sense of absolute freedom. Despite all the sports I enjoyed, I still had the sense that there was something missing. In 2018, I found the missing piece of the puzzle, when I first tried paragliding. Immediately, the sport captivated me, and to this day it’s what I love most. In the air I feel at home, I feel an infinite sense of freedom, and I love the challenge.

Activities practiced:  Have you ever watched a bird catching a thermal? It's one of my favourite things to do when I'm up on a mountain, and also one of the reasons why I started paragliding.
Flying wherever I want, alone, free and connected with nature – it’s a feeling of infinite freedom. It's also pretty cool that I can combine paragliding with many of my other sports, whether I'm climbing a high peak, exploring a new country or doing anything else. The equipment is so light and compact, it can fit anywhere I go.
Hobbies: When I'm not in the air or on the mountain, I love to go sailing, kiteboarding or climbing. Designing and making clothes is also one of my great passions, as I am a designer. And, of course, my Husky Finn plays a big role in my free time and in everyday life. I am always on tour with him, whether it’s running or with a dog sled.
Favorite place: Definitely nature and the mountains.
Favorite book: I am not a bookworm. Hah hah. But I love the book “Wolf” by Nicolas Vanier.
Biggest fear: Not being able to pursue my passion anymore one day.

Competition: 2nd place, Bordairrace Aflenz, women’s ranking