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Our women's outdoor clothing, footwear & accessories, are made to explore, to admire, to feel the great outdoors. Find durable mountain shorts, trainers designed to withstand any weather as warm yet breathable jackets, make yourself ready for any adventure. Be brave and cautious. Be gentle, but always fighter. Our range of lightweight, yet reliable women's outdoor clothing is tailored to give you confidence and courage. Tackle any challenge. Hike hard to the top of the mountain. Build up a sweat at your local track. Remember, when it comes to women's outdoor footwear, double-check your shoes to ensure the right fit. For hiking, for camping, ski mountaineering. Buying a size larger shoes is often recommended, particularly if you'll be wearing thick socks can impact on the fit of the shoe. Gore-Tex anti-slip trainers are designed to hug the arches of your feet, for a serene sense of balance wherever your trek might take you. The world is yours to explore with Salewa clothing, footwear & accessories.

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