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Which mountain do you dream of?

Sometimes the most beautiful challenges lie right on your front doorstep. We want to help your dream mountain adventure come true.

Which mountain do you dream of? Is there a ski-touring route or freeride adventure that you just can’t stop thinking about? What has been the missing link? The right mountain guide? The gear? The fitness and audacity? If you can bring the last two, then we’ll arrange the equipment and professional guide support.

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A selection of dreams from our community


After years of travelling around the world for ski competitions, I’m feeling a bit tired of travelling so far for mountain adventures. I’m dreaming of an adventure just a few kilometres from home on the Saleinaz Glacier in Valais, Switzerland. The kind of adventure, when you stay in your tent up on the mountain, maybe stuck in bad weather, but with good company, waiting for the sun to reveal new lines around your camp. I want to fill my head with memories, my heart with passion and my soul with new dreams.





What dreams do I have for this winter? At first, I thought of high, remote mountain summits. While I was daydreaming, a "Hello! You OK?" message came in from my mother, interrupting my thoughts. Two years back, we were together on the Hohe Geisel in Sportgastein (2,974 m) in Austria. This winter, I want to climb it as a ski tour. I feel at home on the mountain due to the beautiful time spent there with my mum. The Hohe Geisel also has a very beautiful summit cross, and I'm looking forward to seeing it in winter.





The Canalone Neri is probably one of the most famous gullies in the Dolomites. Set between the Crozzon di Brenta and the top of the Cima Tosa (3,173 m), it has 1,000 vertical metres, and steep gradients of up to 50°. This is a fascinating and impressive gully, but it requires experience and technique.




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Thomas Aichner

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Verena Helminger

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Simon Gietl

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Sella – Antonia's diary

"When I came skiing for the first time in the Dolomites , I wondered if it was possible to actually ski through these rocks. During winter time the Dolomites offer an impressive view. Rough. Massive. Almost hostile. But often first impressions can be deceiving and looking carefully at that labyrinth of rock you can catch a glimpse of new possible lines, lines which get your heart racing."

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