Polartec® Power Grid™

The wind is picking up, threatening to sap your remaining energy. Luckily, your base layer is still dry, despite the steep climb. To transport moisture efficiently away from the skin and diffuse moisture vapour for faster evaporation, Polartec® Power Grid™ has a bi-component construction. On the inside is a thin, fleecy grid. This continuously pulls moisture from your skin and diffuses it to the outside. The open air channels between allow air to circulate, increasing thermal warmth and mechanical wicking capabilities, and also reducing the overall weight of the fabric. The outer surface is smooth. It spreads moisture out to a wider surface area for faster evaporation. This synthetic fabric is fast drying and very easy to care for. In addition, the engineered design avoids using chemical wicking agents that fade away with time. This moisture-wicking base fabric is pleasant to wear next to the skin. We use Polartec® Power Grid™ fabrics to make base layers and technical mid layers for intensive activities in cold conditions.


  • fast wicking
  • grid channels reduce weight & increase warmth
  • fast drying
  • very packable
  • easy care


  • abrasion-resistant and robust
  • unrestricted freedom of movement
    due to 2-way and 4-way stretch
  • highly breathable
  • lightweight
  • available with high UV protection
  • many versions bluesign® certified