Speed Hiking Vests Women

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Speed hiking as a sport requires stamina and a keen eye for terrain. However, another vital element is lightweight equipment that enables you to go further faster. The range of women’s speed hiking jackets on Salewa is created with the challenges of high-speed ascents and descents in mind. Climate control is always a major factor when taking on the heights at speed. Each item in our women’s fast hiking jackets selection offers a tailored blend of insulation and breathability, to keep you warm when you rest and cool when you are chasing it. This is achieved by combining trusted materials such as wool and nylon with advanced technologies and techniques. The result is a collection of speed hiking jackets for women that is both stylish and functional. Expect to find benefits such as the ability to wick moisture away when the trail gets tough, the convenience of jackets that pack tightly when not in use, and even body-mapping design that offer maximum flexibility.

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