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After assessing the hangers for alternative uses, design students created new and highly original objects for everyday use. Creativity knows no bounds – old hangers take on new form and function. Three of the best designs were selected to the produces as limited edition versions by Trayah, a sheltered workshop. The unique handmade products are on sale at Sportler Alpin in Bruneck (BZ, Italy) from June 2018.

With this in mind, Salewa has founded a new project recycling old and used clothes hangers and supporting a social enterprise for people with disabilities. In close collaboration with Professor Kuno Prey at the University of Bolzano, design students have been creating a range of useful and attractive objects for everyday use. Three of them have been chosen to be manufactured as limited-edition versions by the sheltered workshop Trayah: the “Memento” picture frame by Francesco Feltrin, the “Fly-in” birdhouse by Hannah Kerber and the board game “Mensch ärgere Dich nicht” (similar to the English game Ludo) by Ylenia Steiner. The university students have all donated the usage rights for their designs to Trayah free of charge. The unique products will be available and exposed from June 2018 in the Sportler Alpin store in Bruneck.

Michael Mair from the Trayah carpentry workshop says: “We are delighted to be working with Salewa and the design students on this project. The donation of these clothes hangers means that we can recycle them in a creative and original manner and enable our employees to make useful objects. In our workshop, we make unique handmade products and support people with disabilities by providing employment opportunities where they can develop independence and self-confidence. This is a win-win situation for all parties.”

“Sustainability, social responsibility and supporting local and regional value creation – this is part of our DNA. This project working with Professor Prey at the University of Bolzano (unibz) and the sheltered workshop Trayah is a great example of how businesses, universities and social enterprises can work together. In addition, we’re delighted to see our old clothes hangers recycled to get a new lease of life as attractive design objects,” comments Stefan Rainer, General Manager Salewa.

“Design stands for more than just aesthetic, beautiful objects. It should also take socially responsible and environmental factors into account. We appreciate this opportunity to work directly with progressive, open-minded companies. It represents an interesting challenge for our students,” adds Professor Kuno Prey.

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