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The hour before dawn is a magical moment. As the sun is rising and the world is waking, this is a quiet and reflective time. There’s less traffic and city noise, we become aware of other sounds, such as birdsong or our own breathing and see small things can inspire us. Early in the mornings, we are fresh, curious and ready to explore.

Elisa waking up early in her van

Fresh air clears the head and prepares us for whatever might lie ahead. Stepping out and away from the structure of our lives for a brief moment, we are detached, yet at the same time connected. Connected with others, connected with nature, experiencing small, wild moments as the sun rises in the outdoor gym that is on our doorstep. This is an inspirational place to train for the mountains. These are personal experiences that have the potential to change our mindset and the way we view the world. Winning the morning kick-starts the day.

Elisa hugging her friend

Yes, we are excited about adventures and goals, but ultimately it’s the relationships we create and the experiences we share with others that shape us. Speed hiking brings people together. Whether they are young or old, whether they are sporty or less sporty. Wherever they live and regardless of culture or skin colour. Speed hiking means moving fast, but in your own time and rhythm. Seeing how far you can go in a short space of time.

Elisa is speed hiking in the Dolomites



06:00 – The alarm clocks rings. Wake up, look out the window, throw on your clothes and grab your poles. Head out to meet your friends or hiking mates. The sun is coming up and your early morning speed hiking session is about to begin. Passing through the streets to reach the city outskirts, moving through the urban environment into the natural world. No matter where we live, nature is all around us. This could be the park, a hill, the coast or the mountains – anywhere that takes you up and allows you to look back down over the city.

Speed Hiking in Nizza

09:00 – Change your clothes, grab a coffee, off to work.

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