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Second Life

The products found in the Salewa Second Life programme at the Salewa Store Bozen/Bolzano are second-hand favourites from Salewa employees, athletes and other mountain enthusiasts. The second hand items have been used and loved on mountain adventures in the past. They are the perfect choice for those who value sustainability.

The Second Life project is part of our Circular Experience, which extends the life cycle of our products while minimising the negative impact on the environment. The longer a product remains in use, the smaller the negative footprint it leaves on the planet. In addition to the Second Life programme, the Circular Experience also includes Repair and Rental services.


If you own a Salewa product that is in good condition but for one reason or another you no longer use it, you can now turn it into a discount voucher: Take your favourite item to a Salewa store near you and get 20% off when you buy a new item in the same product group. This way you give your product a new life and give it the chance to see the mountains again instead of disappearing in your wardrobe. The collected products will hopefully soon find a new owner in the Second Life section of the Salewa Flagship Store Bozen/Bolzano.

Please note:
- Goods must be clean and not in need of repair.
- For hygienic reasons we cannot accept underwear; for security reasons we cannot accept technical hardware.
- The return of the used product and the purchase of the new product must be made at the same time.