Nature often has the best solutions. Thousands of years of evolution can’t be wrong. For example, wool fibres have a unique surface structure of overlapping scales that prevent odour-causing bacteria. This means that wool products can be worn for days without smelling. Wool fibres also have natural temperature regulation and moisture absorption properties that provide protection from cold, heat and wet conditions. This is because it can hold up to 30% of its weight in moisture in its hollow fibres, without feeling wet. We use wool in a number of different applications – as baselayers, insulating mid layers and naturally warm insulation jackets. Wool can also be combined with other fibres. Wool products might be slightly heavier than other functional comparable functional fabrics, however on longer trips, they will save you weight because you won’t need to carry as much spare clothing. SALEWA® uses wool in a wide range of products. And we are proud to support local Tirolean sheep farmers.


  • natural thermo regulation, protection from cold and heat
  • good moisture management
  • odour inhibiting
  • high comfort
  • ideal for multi-day trips


  • abrasion-resistant and robust
  • unrestricted freedom of movement
    due to 2-way and 4-way stretch
  • highly breathable
  • lightweight
  • available with high UV protection
  • many versions bluesign® certified