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KIS, even when it comes to food


Red Bull X-Alps requires constant focus across the board. We dedicate a lot of time and effort to preparing for the event, adapting our strategy to the requirements of each individual day. A lot of processes run simultaneously, so we always focus on what’s most important. That’s why our motto is: KIS (Keep it simple), even when it comes to food.

I like to eat simple things that need little to no processing. And meat plays an important role for me. It provides me with plenty of energy across long periods of time. My body also digests it very well, which is an additional benefit.

In general, it’s important to avoid low blood sugar levels – whether you’re running or flying. I eat as soon as the conditions are right for it. When it comes to flying I take extra care to avoid any risk. I will eat while crossing a valley, for instance, when the air is more stable. My team plays a central role in providing me with food. They go shopping, cook and pack snacks I can eat during the day. And since I eat up to 5,000 kcal a day, this task is more demanding than you’d initially think. But it plays a central role, so it’s an integral part of every briefing. Especially because I often have special requests.
My diet consists mainly of proteins like meat, eggs and dairy products, as well as many carbohydrates such as rice, potatoes, oatmeal, fruit and honey. For balance, I also eat plenty of vegetables. On each Red Bull X-Alps day, I take in about 5 litres of fluid. I mainly drink water, Red Bull and isotonic drinks to keep my minerals in check.

To me, the secret behind nutrition is to keep things simple. Besides “food as fuel”, the mental component also plays a very important role for me. The race is always very tough, but the thought of having a warm dinner with my team drives me and motivates me to give 100% through to the final hours of the day.

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