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At the Salewa Alpine Campus, you will learn with and from each other, meet like-minded people, share alpine moments and broaden your horizons. Mountain guides from the South Tyrolean alpine school Globo Alpin lead the Salewa Alpine Campus workshops for "Ski Touring" and "Climbing". Salewa athletes are also regular guests at the events, (which can be booked for a fee) and love sharing their experiences when they attend.

"The participants learn to read the mountain from different perspectives and then plan their activities carefully," says Thomas Aichner, Salewa's Marketing Director.

Alpine Campus

Experienced mountaineers feel at home in the mountains and know what is important in alpine sports. For those who don't venture into the mountains often, alpine terrain is a new territory full of a lot of uncertainty. The Salewa Alpine Campus provides both beginners and experienced mountaineers with important information. Together with its long-standing partner, the Globo Alpin Alpine School, the Salewa Alpine Campus teaches essential behaviour, imparts alpine skills according to current standards and brings mountain sports enthusiasts closer to the mountain environment. In terms of content, the Alpine Campus teaches access to the mountain as a space for alpine activities, but also as a natural and cultural space. All participants learn to better appreciate the mountain world and its conditions, while also gaining a valuable basis for their own actions. They also learn the basics of alpine climbing and ski mountaineering, both for beginners and for advanced skiers.

Climbing Alpine Campus

“The whole thing is underpinned by a sense of community, which is further underpinned by cooking, organizing and planning their individual activities together,” explains Thomas Aichner. That’s what makes the Salewa Alpine Campus a kind of ‘mountain school of life’, and so much more than just a climbing or ski touring course.

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