The SALEWA® Garden Project was launched in 2017, supporting refugees and migrants in the integration process.

From 2011, we’ve promoted training for Nepalese women to become trekking guides.

As part of a 10-year programme, we support infrastructure development projects in two Bolivian mountain villages.

Mutual consideration is a central pillar of society, as is the camaraderie in mountaineering. These principles are also the basis of the company's social commitments. Salewa is not only committed to the welfare of its employees and business partners, but also that within the mountain sports communities in which we live, work and practice our sport.


The 3000 square metre Salewa garden was created at the headquarters in Bolzano in 2017, and this is where fruits and vegetables are harvested. The garden is looked after by around 15 refugees and migrants from surrounding reception centres. They are supported by local volunteer helpers and Salewa employees. The participants learn the basic rules of organic agriculture and also have the opportunity to be in contact with the local community twice a week at their own market stall. The proceeds go to the refugees participating in the programme.


With an area of 2000 square metres, 18.5 metres high, the Salewa Cube is one of the largest sports climbing and bouldering wall halls in Italy. Climbing competitions and courses are regularly held here. Salewa provides the climbing and mountain sports community with an important regional meeting point with this cube.

Derived from the lower feathers of waterfowl such as ducks and geese, down has astounding properties that make it a unique marvel of nature - Light as a snowflake, it protects against the cold and is highly compressible due to its elasticity. No other material combines extremely low weight with high thermal insulation. Hence, down has a superior heat and weight ratio. As a result, high quality down has decisive advantages over synthetic materials and meets the strictest of requirements in its stride. We carefully ensure that our down jackets and sleeping bags are only filled with high quality, ethically harvested down. To ensure this in a transparent and credible fashion while eradicating unnecessary animal suffering from the supply chain, SALEWA has decided, going forward, to only purchase down that comes with RDS (Responsible Down Standard) certification. The RDS is currently the most comprehensive, independent certified animal welfare and traceability standard worldwide. The development of the standards required a major commitment by various stakeholders; especially input from suppliers, farmers, animal welfare organizations and industry experts was essential. The standard addresses issues proactively by setting clear requirements and auditing against them on a regular basis, including unannounced audits.

RDS means: Complete ban of live-plucking and force feeding of ducks and geese Robust criteria to ensure that the five freedoms of the animals are protected Animals are never killed solely for their down or feathers Yearly audits of every stage of production (farm, slaughterhouse, processers, etc.) Strict and transparent procedures in place to protect the integrity of the standard (e.g. loss of certification for non‐compliance and pulling product in cases of false or inaccurate labeling) For more information on the Responsible Down Standard visit:




Salewa has supported the Sherpa Women project since 2011 with various contributions. Since 2018, we have been in collaboration with the small organization “Sunshine Treks”. Together, we support Nepalese girls and women to give them access to education. The girls live across various towns in the Nepalese mountains. During Covid times, tourism in the area has almost ceased and incomes are even lower than usual. Which is why Salewa supports affected families as well. In 2019, Salewa has pledged an annual € 5.000 contribution to the cause as part of an ongoing sponsoring agreement with the organization.


In 2015 we completed a 10-year long project in Bolivia, which we carried out in collaboration with Caritas Bolzano-Bressanone and local NGOs. The infrastructure for a school and basic medical care was successfully created and financed in the mountain villages of Elvira and Laime in the Bolivian highlands.


In 2012, SALEWA® Germany began a partnership with the organisation SOS Kinderdörfer. The holiday village Caldonazzo in particular is supported with financial means and free equipment. Disadvantaged children can spend an adventure-based outdoor holiday in the mountains there.


Defiance with various long-term commitments, SALEWA® is always happy to support organisations and individuals in need of financial support or free equipment at short notice. Our Christmas raffle, annual charity events and support for earthquake victims are just a few examples of this.