In 2012, the two mountaineers Simon Gietl (IT) and Roger Schäli (CH) tried and managed to climb the 3 Cime di Lavaredo, excluding Punta Frida and Preuss turn points. Later, in December 2016, Gietl managed to climb with Vittorio Messini the 3 faces Nords of the 3 Cime di Lavaredo. With the winter crossing of the 3 Cime di Lavaredo, "Cima West, Cima Grande and Cima Piccola", and including for the first time the points "Punta Frida" and "Preuss Turn", Simon Gietl and the climber and German guide Michael Wohlleben have laid a new stone on the 17th of March in the history of alpine climbing.

The two climbers went to the Auronzo hut by electric bike, then started their first run on the "Scoiattoli" stop at 06:45. In just 2h and 45min, they reached the peak "Cima West". Then following the normal route, they reached via the "Dülferverschneidung" to the fabulous belvedere of the "Cima Grande" at mealtime. Also borrowing the reminder of the normal way, they were able to chain the "normalroute" to reach the "Cima Piccola". Then following the route "Innerkofler" they climbed the western edge of the "Punta Frida". Going down the east side, they reached the top of the "Preuss Turn" and then came down again by the reminder of the "Preuss-Riss" track.

The two super athletes Simon Gietl and Michael Wohlleben have managed the first winter climb of the 3 Cimes, including "Punta Frida" and Preuss Turn "The two exceptional athletes Simon Gietl and Michael Wohlleben mastered the first winter through the 3 Cime, including" Punta Frida "and" Preuss Turm "in the famous Sextner Dolomites region (South Tyrol, Italy) .