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Wild Trails

They exist, the wild trails, the non-trails, the so-called pathless terrain, where nature hides the non-existent path, making every step a question. Orientation here means to reach the next point in the landscape without damage, to set foot safely on any surface and to adapt one's body to the wilderness and the bushes, not the wilderness to us.

Humans have forgotten how to move and progress in nature like an animal, to manage unexpected climbs, tree stumps and brush now and then, and to sleep under the open starry sky. The open nature, the mosquitoes, the sound of the waves, the lack of a roof over our heads at night: all this scares us, more than the exposed bands in the rock face and the rappelling over the abyss.

And yet, you can't get more free than finding your way through a gigantic landscape without a trail during the day and then plunging into the ocean waves on a dream beach in the evening, sweaty, tired and thirsty. Crouching on the ground over a small flame, preparing dinner together, while the sun is saying goodbye. Than later sitting at the campfire dreaming into the coals and spreading out the mat and the warming sleeping bag under the "one million star sky".

The great adventures don't have to be on the other side of the world. Often they are just beyond the front door and open up as soon as we are ready to leave civilization behind and put ourselves in the game.

GLOBO ALPIN Wild Trails 2023

Wild Trails

What are Wild Trails?

- Walking in rough, trail-less terrain with exposed passages that require the use of a rope.
- Unsecured climbing in easy but exposed terrain, traversing impressive rock bands, secured climbing in II to III degrees, spectacular rappelling, via ferrata walking and walking on a fixed rope.
- Moving with surefootedness in any terrain: whether along sharp rock formations, loose gravel channels, thorny maquis, overgrown forests or dense brushwood.
- Sleeping in a sleeping bag under the stars, cooking together at the campsite, sitting and grilling at the campfire (if allowed), swimming and washing in the sea, river or lake.
- Besides gigantic sunsets, beautiful beach bays, lonely campsites, spectacular viewpoints and much more, the nightly fight with mosquitoes, the stinging heat, some sleepless nights and the impossibility to take a shower are part of a true Wild Trail adventure.
- Therefore we organize a daily luggage transport via boat, jeep, donkey or mule and only have to carry our respective daypack. In case of rainy weather we organize emergency tents or other shelter to stay dry.
- We are moving in the wilderness and apart from the technical difficulties, most guests will be grateful to be accompanied by a competent mountain guide also because of the orientation.

Wild Trails