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Romina Manassero and Simone Mondino



Every adventure we embark on and every experience we go through creates an opportunity to meet new people, to get to know a new face with a new smile and to hear new stories. The Global Influencer Summit presented us with this very opportunity and we were able to share our greatest passion with photographers, journalists and athletes alike: the Mountains.

We were all so enthusiastic, eager and excited that, this time, we got to head back to Alta Badia in the Dolomites.
We had four whole days to really immerse ourselves in nature, taking part in different activities, such as speed hiking, rambling, skywalking, scrambling and mountain climbing, followed by evenings spent in company with BBQs, live music and lots of positive energy. It felt as if we had been transported to a parallel universe, free from judgement and rivalry, where everyone became united in the pure simplicity of the mountains.

And when the heavens tried to open and intervene in the events, the true strength of the group really shone through. Just as the unique, charming Salewa base camp atmosphere encouraged bonds of friendship to be formed and experiences to be gained in just a short space of time. Everyone came together at the campfire, drank local beer and hummed along in time to the music...until their weariness got the upper hand and the energy, just like the wood on the fire, slowly petered out for the day. The last lights inside the tents went out and gave way to the moon and stars.

In today's day and age, it may seem absurd, but it really is the small things, these little details, that make that difference and create something truly beautiful.

We awoke at daybreak to see the dazzling peaks strewn with fresh snow and spent our days hiking on criss-crossing mountain paths, scrambling along a via ferrata, climbing so high we could almost touch the clouds, making dumplings, strolling on larch-lined pathways along the river, hunting for new experiences, looking to uncover life's secrets, practising yoga, and collecting fallen leaves from the woods as the sun turned the highest peaks shades of pink.
In a time where people are constantly under pressure and in a hurry, Salewa wants to spread the word: take a breather for a few seconds, and just take it all in.

Our climate is undergoing rapid change, triggering natural disasters on a global scale. We have to get actively involved and do our bit. We should take care of our environment, re-use, recycle and clean up our forests and walkways.

We need to make a real change, as, when it comes down to it, changes and revolutions have always started from the bottom and now the time has come to take action.

A global summit is, after all, much more authentic and intimate than any prognosis. It is an event which positively impacts many people's lives as it generates knowledge and encourages new friendships. Collaborations between individuals who are united by one of the most incredible passions in the world: the Mountains. And because we can say with absolute certainty that we are really all the same.

"Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible." Anthony Robbins

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