DATE OF BIRTH: 25.12.1983



Paul Guschlbauer, GuschlPOWER for his friends, is at the core a curious person. When he was a child he was into mountain biking thanks to his father - at the age of 13, he won his first competition. After graduating from high school and starting university, he started questioning what he wanted to do with his life and he redefined his motivation with mountain sports. He dedicated himself to mountaineering and climbing up until the day he discovered paragliding. It was love at first sight beginning with an article about cross-country paragliding. One week after reading this he was attending his first course.
After several years of exploration and competition, he felt the need to go further, to expand the boundaries of his wanderings and adventures. So he got a pilot license, bought a small plane, and became a bush pilot.

Activities practiced:
Paragliding & Bush flying. Paragliding is part of all his adventures because the glider turns mountain chains into playgrounds. Bush flying sets the whole thing on a different scale allowing you to go further, to reach new places and explore them. Paul will soon start his first global project.
Moreover, Paul does ski touring, mountain biking, trail running, rock climbing, and Nordic skiing. He combines activities like hiking and flying to explore boondocks.
Paul loves to live and to learn new things. He recently discovered film and photography: to capture a moment is something different to what he usually does. That’s probably why it is so interesting to him.
Favorite place:
Home sweet home.
Favorite book:
“A whole life” by Robert Seethaler: “You can buy a man's hours off him, you can steal his days from him, or you can rob him of his whole life, but no one can take away from any man so much as a single moment. That's the way it is.”
Biggest fear:
Paul is quite afraid of making people who love him sad by having an accident during flying. But for him, this is hard to say, because not following his passion would make him sad which can’t be the solution either. So, he fears the most to lose the ability to walk on that thin line between too much risk and an ordinary life.



2010  1st Red Bull Dolomitenmann Paragliding
2011   3rd Red Bull X-Alps
2013   1st Red Bull Dolomitenmann Paragliding
2014   1st Red Bull Dolomitenmann Paragliding
2015  3rd Red Bull X-Alps
2016   1st Red Bull Dolomitenmann Team
2017  3rd Red Bull X-Alps
2019 3rd Red Bull X-Alps



2012  Altitude Experience: Traveling along the Karakoram HWY from south to north, Paragliding in Hunza Valley and climb&fly Muztagh Ata
2014   Adriatic Circle: 1800km hike&fly adventure from Ancona/Italy along the Apennin, the Alps and the Velebit mountain ranges to Zadar/Craotia and with the ferry back to Ancona
2015   first Hike&Fly Angel Falls, Venezuela
2016   FlytoFly: Bushflying and Paragliding in Alaska

“Paragliding is part of all my adventures – The Glider turns chains of mountains into playgrounds.”

Paul Guschlbauer