DATE OF BIRTH: 18.04.2001


Antonia was born in Berchtesgaden, one of Germanys most popular places for skimountaineering. There, she grew up with two older sisters and did what most of the children living in that beautiful mountain village do: mountaineering, with ski or with-out. Caused by the enthusiasm of her parents, she started prac-tising skimountaineering at young age. To keep up with her older sisters, who always made a competition out of all their activities, Antonia had to learn fast and developed power and ambition. Years passed by and today the tours at her hometown aren’t anymore enough for Antonia’s ambition, why she is always searching for some new and always more challenging summits she can reach.

Activities practiced:
Antonia developed her passion for skimountaineering at the age of 15. During this time, she started to recognize the beauty of nature and developed the, in her eyes, best place to enjoy that beauty: the mountains. While exploring as much of these as possible, she noticed the way she feels when practicing her fa-vorite activity – her mind gets clear and she has time to think about everything she’s interested in. Antonia’s love for all the details like little snowflakes or some spring flowers that begin to grow, as well as for the beauty of the mountain as a whole, is perfectly represented in (ski-)mountaineering. The pleasure of having reached the summit, combined with the beauty of na-ture, keeps her mid to this day in balance.
Besides (ski-)mountaineering Antonia paints, often scenes from her tours. She also likes to read and all works in a house, especially baking cakes for her family and friends. If there’s any time left she likes to ride horses.
Favorite place:
Her home in Berchtesgaden. A place where all her loved things are combined.
Favorite book:
Antonia doesn’t have one favorite book but loves historical and fantasy ones.
Biggest fear:


Antonia’s first bigger project was 2019 the winter crossing of her home standard the Watzmann. Everybody has to start little so for the following years she decided one definite goal, the destiny mountain of her mother, the Ortler. Furthermore Antonia want to challenge the Mount Blanc and the Mount Elbrus. As long-term projects she want to develop the snow covered mountains of Marokko, and central Asia as same as those in Chile and the Rocky Mountains in Kanada.