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Empowering women and upcycling waste


Salewa has always been committed to taking care of people and protecting the environment. To celebrate International Women’s Day, Salewa decided to support an Italian project - FREE VOLO. For any order placed online between the 7th and the 9th of March, Salewa will send a bag made by the women who are part of the FREE VOLO project (200 bags available).
Salewa wants to help every woman climb her mountain and reach her peak, whether it be physical or symbolic.
The textile workshop managed by La Venenta gives women with troubled family situations or with a history of mistreatment and violence the opportunity to learn new skills, integrate into society and gain independence. “Free-volo: Circular & Sharing Fashion” is a project led by La Venenta that focuses on developing circular systems to reduce the generation of textile waste. Salewa is partner of this project and is collaborating with the textile workshop for the creation of this bag. The materials used come from leftover fabrics, and combined with the precious and creative work of the women, unique upcycled pieces come to life.

Salewa feels fully aligned with the philosophy and values behind the “Free-volo” project. Free-volo derives from the word “frivolo”, which means something worthless or tenuous. In Latin, “frivolus” isn’t defined as something without substance, but rather something fragile and weak. The project gives women the possibility and the power to redefine their role within society and gain confidence while at the same time developing circular systems to reduce waste generation. The idea behind “Free-volo” is to create a platform for promoting long-lasting wardrobes by offering services such as: short term and long term rental service for haute couture items, restyling service for old clothes and buying and selling service for old clothes. The project is organized to give the opportunity to support mothers and their children with a baby-sitting service and free public transport tickets for all women involved. The counseling service is also available to help them work on their personal stories and improve their interpersonal skills.

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