As a family business, we choose carefully how we do things. We think long-term. We consider the world we’re leaving behind for our grandchildren, and their grandchildren. We believe social responsibility is not some distant goal, but a mindset that informs our daily actions and choices. It’s about how each of us chooses to do things. Every day.

We want to give back something to our community and to the environment that is our greatest treasure and playground. Climate change is an important topic that affects us all. And climate change is affecting our mountains and our winters.

We are committed to more sustainability and social responsibility and we want to be part of the solution. Therefore, we want to do what we can to support positive change – especially on a day like Valentines Day where you dedicate your beloved ones a special treat.

The mountains are our heritage, our playground, our biggest love. If you feel the attraction, then join us in CELEBRATING OUR LOVE FOR THE MOUNTAINS.


We have decided to support once more Protect Our Winters (POW). It’s a non-profit association that leads a community of athletes, thought pioneers and forward-thinking business leaders to work for political solutions to climate change.

The past decade has been the warmest on record and it looks like temperatures are set to continue rising. Meanwhile, the northern hemisphere has already lost a million square miles of spring snowpack since 1970. The Alps could lose as much as 70 per cent of their snow cover by 2099 as temperatures rise due to increased greenhouse gas emissions. Snow lines are rising in elevation and winters are starting later and getting shorter.

Therefore, we partnered an organization with a similar commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. In our latest “Black Friday becomes Green Friday” promotion you supported POW with almost 15.000 €. This is a great result and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your engagement.

You can find out more about POW here: PROTECT OUR WINTERS



Winter is in full swing. Maybe you still need an insulation jacket to keep you warmer for longer, a lightweight, technical pant or a pack to keep your back dry on gruelling ascents? Maybe you need warm and comfortable footwear for a winter hike? Our winter collection is ready for you in our online shop. Are you ready for winter?  

Don’t forget, we design our high-quality products for multiple seasons and long-term use, instead of constantly inundating people with new styles. Only for all purchases during the VALENTINE'S DAY campaign on 14th of February at our online store, we will donate 10% of the revenue to POW*.

Treat yourself and your loved ones – support the fight against climate change and protect our winters during the DAY OF LOVE.

Of course, if you prefer not buy anything, you can also donate to POW directly: PROTECT OUR WINTERS

*Excluding shipping costs & VAT