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The SALEWA story started on July 8, 1935, when Josef Liebhart, the director of Munich´s Cooperative for Saddlers and Tapestry Handlers registered a sister corporation for Saddler and Leather Wares: SA (Sattler / Saddler) LE (Leder / Leather) WA (Waren / Wares).




The monetary reform on June 21st, 1948 marked a new beginning for SALEWA and West Germany. For some years, photobags, produced for AGFA, were the major sales item. Besides backpacks, soccer balls (made from leather) and tank bags for motorbikes were part of the portfolio. Ski poles (made from the wood of hazelnut trees) eventually became the major sales item.




SALEWA developed the unique Andes backpack and supported the Andes expedition of Hermann Huber, who was to become the managing director of SALEWA.





The development and production of the fully adjustable SALEWA classic light crampon set new standards and became one of SALEWA´s most successful products to date.

SALEWA gained international recognition as a leader in alpine innovation with its invention of the tubular ice screw, which today is an industry standard.




The Eagle was created to symbolize the strength in quality and performance of SALEWA products. The Sierra dome tent was launched.




In a strong collaboration with Reinhold Messner and Kurt Albert, numerous new ideas were tested on expeditions.

Siegfried Messner suffered a fatal accident caused by lightning on the Stabelerturm.





SALEWA was acquired by Heiner Oberrauch and his Oberalp group and the headquarters were moved to Bolzano.




The development of the Helium, then the world´s lightest helmet, was an outcome of the new goal of “half weight – double resistance”.




Ever since "half weight – double resistance" had been defined as the reasearch goal, SALEWA focused on lightweight products and in 2001 developed its own lightweight collection. Highlight products of this collection were for example the Sub 33 carabiner (33 g) and the Ultra Jacket with a weight of less than 350 g.




The first retail store was opened in Finale Ligure.




SALEWA continued on the path to success and established subsidiaries in France and Spain. Now, the mountain sport and outdoor brand is present in all European markets and starts an export offensive.





A new division was established at SALEWA: Footwear.




SALEWA established a branch in Boulder, Colarado, to better care to the North American market. An important move for Europe's leading multi-specialist. Key choices were also made in other important export markets. In Korea, the most important market for outdoor equipment in Asia, 44 SALEWA stores were opened together with a local partner, 16 more followed.

In Poland, SALEWA established a local subsidiary, to better care to this market with its long tradition in alpine sports.




The new SALEWA group headquarters, including a world-class climbing gym, central warehouse, and office space, was opened in Bolzano.




Global brand relaunch. A new logo and a new corporate identity are introduced. SALEWA is now a world leader in alpine products, present in 30 countries and supplies to some 2,500 shops around the globe.




For us there will never be a standstill. And so, with the 2015 summer collection, we introduce our new logo and design language to consumers.