DATE OF BIRTH: 11.03.1984


Yannick Boissenot couldn't help but ski. He was born in Les Arcs, a ski resort in Haute-Savoie, and put on his skis for the first time shortly after learning to walk at the age of three. During his childhood he spent a lot of time with his older brother, discovering that he loved the many forms of climbing at least as much as the snow.

At the age of twenty-four, Yannick set off on a trip of discovery, to better understand himself and a specific corner of the world. These two months in Nepal deeply marked him, giving him the motivation to mix more and more alpinism and skiing, in order to return to visit those giant mountains, being able to climb and descend safely.

After so many expeditions between Greenland, Alaska, Peru, Pakistan and India, the giants of Nepal are still well impressed in his mind.


Activities practiced:
Yannick loves to live his environment all around and to create contaminations between the things he does. For this reason, in the booklet of his passions, he has “completed” ski mountaineering with climbing and mountaineering.

In his free time Yannick loves to practice an ancient and noble activity for curious people: the search for crystals.

Favorite place:
Surely Chamonix. Yannick first went there in 2010, and never left. A magnificent place, soaked with history, where the season for steep skiing lasts from November to late June.

Favorite book:
"The Thinker Without Thought," by Giovanni Quirici. Giovanni was a great alpinist and above all a friend, who died on the Eiger some years ago. His book is a hymn to life.

Biggest fear:
Yannick's afraid of getting used to fear, of losing its meaning. If that happens, if he will feel too comfortable, then it will be time to stop steep skiing.




Opened new route Shivas Ice, Mount Shivling (6543m), India. A new mixed route up the Northeast face of Mount Shivling with Vittorio Messini.

1st ascent of Stigmata, Heiligkreuzkofe (2907m), Italy with Andrea Oberbacher. A steep unclimbed face in the Dolomites.

1st Winter traverse of Tre Cime with Michi Wohleben. A traverse including the three main summits of Tre Cime di Lavaredo.


Awarded Mountaineer of the year in Italy.

1st ascent of Oblivion Endstand; Piz d’Ander (3204m), Italy. A steep unclimbed face in the Dolomites.


1st ascent of Erbe der Väte; Cima Gande (2999m), Italy – New route at Cima Grande with Andrea Oberbacher.

1st ascent of Odysee at the Eiger; Eiger (3967m), Switzerland - The most difficult Big Wall route on the Eiger Northface with Robert Jasper, Roger Schäli.

2nd ascent of Cruz Del Sur; La esfinge (5325m), Peru. A remote peak in Andes Mountains.