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Simon Gietl discovered the Karakorum mountains in a book: “Ogre”, written by Thomas Huber. He read it in a hospital bed, after one of his first winter ascents which did not have a perfect outcome. Fifteen years later those incredible mountains, etched in his memory, have materialised in front of his eyes: it is a dream coming true. An expedition to the Karakorum, and its aim is the north face of Latok, an extremely technical and exhausting ridge which nobody has climbed for forty years. The people travelling with him are no insignificant matter: Huber himself will accompany him.

The pre-conditions are excellent, as is the acclimatization, which proceeds perfectly with the quick ascent of the six and five thousand metres of Panmah Kangri. But life and the mountain have different plans.

To have ambitious dreams and to fulfil them is difficult. But there is something even more difficult: to have ambitious dreams and not fulfil them.


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