Hardshell Jackets for Men

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In alpine environments, the wind and rain aren't always on your side, but what if that didn't have to matter? Fortify yourself against anything that comes your way with our Men's Hardshell Jackets. Don't let the elements get in the way of what you want to achieve. Built with GORE-TEX and POWERTEX fabric technology, our Ortles jackets are waterproof and fitted with storm hoods for the ultimate bad weather protection. These versatile jackets were designed for combining with your mountain trekking, alpine mountaineering, alpine climbing, and ski mountaineering clothes. They have 2-way stretch and breathable fabric technology without sacrificing the quality of the windproof finish. The Pedroc Wind men's hardshell jacket was designed with speed hiking in mind, and is consequently lightweight with a durable water repellent finish to keep wind and rain from getting in the way of your speed. You don't have to wait to triumph.

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