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Dan Corn - IFMGA/ UIAGM Certified Guide

Apex Wall 32 Review


I have been using the Apex Wall 32 backpack daily for work. Due to this I have had good opportunity to put it through the wringer. While it is a tight 32 liters, I have used it on everything from a three-day trip to much more technical day climbs, and it has worked perfectly for me on both of these occasions.

A few thoughts I’ve had on the pack after using it on several trips and climbs:

1. The magnetic closure is quick and easy- my only concern would be field repairing the buckle if it was broken.
2. The outside pouch is perfect for quick access especially if you are taking crampons on and off frequently due to the terrain.
3. The axe storage is quick and secure- nice that you don't have to fiddle at all with anything- it is easy to get to your axe even with the pack still on.
4. I appreciate that the pack is waterproof- there are a lot of summer thunderstorms here so it’s great to have dry gear.
5. The side access zip is great- it is something I would include on all packs if I could.
6. It has a good fit for climbing- some packs you hit your head when you look up or back-this is not the case with the Apex 32.
7. The padding system creates great air flow which is nice on these hot summer days for keeping the back cool.
8. I would include a gear loop on the hip belt in a perfect world- but it is easy to use the shoulder strap for this instead.

All in all the Apex 32 is a simple, light, well thought out pack that I use daily for guiding work and personal climbing.

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