Ever since, nature provided the most thought through solutions. All over the world, mountain people had been using the qualities of wool
to protect them from harsh conditions. As passionate mountaineers we want to give our contribution to maintaining
our landscape, our heritage and ancient traditions to keep it for the future.


The thermo-regulating
and moisture absorbing properties
of wool had been a reliable solution
against cold, windy and wet
conditions and will also provide you
a comfortable, warm feeling.


We clean,
wash, comb and dye our wool in
Europe to be able to reduce CO2
emissions and to guarantee you a
high standard of the sustainable
ingredient material.


The wool is spun to a fine yarn and then
knitted into a robust „Sarner“, keeping
our ancient traditional alpine
handicrafts alive and transfer it to the
future. The highly-breathable, recycled
wool engineered in the traditional Sarner
knit construction traps air and by this
keeps you exceptionally warm.


To adapt the benefits of the traditional
“soft shell” to the needs of modern
mountaineers, we cut and sew our
jackets with minimal fabric waste and
bond them with Jersey backing to
create a sustainable garment that
feels naturally comfortable on your