Multi-day hut-to-hut trips are a mountaineering high point. What to pack requires care. You need to take spare clothing, but want to keep the weight of your backpack down. This is where merino wool comes into its own. Covered in microscopic scales, the wool fibres naturally inhibit odour-causing bacteria. Products made of merino can be worn for days without starting to smell. Merino base layers regulate your body temperature and absorb moisture, protecting you in cold, wet and hot conditions. This is because merino can hold up to a third of its own weight in moisture within its hollow fibres, without feeling damp. At 26 microns, merino wool has a thinner diameter (standard wool has approximately 40 microns). This is what makes it feel so soft and comfortable to wear, contrary to the old belief that wool is scratchy. In addition, this natural superfibre is biodegradable and renewable.


  • protects against cold and heat
  • active moisture management
  • odour inhibiting
  • high comfort
  • ideal for multi-day trips