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The alarm clocks rings. Wake up, look out the window, throw on your clothes and grab your poles. Head out to meet your friends or hiking mates. The sun is coming up and your early morning speed hiking session is about to begin.




Gabriel Tschurtschenthaler, a visually impaired alpinist, climbed the Hintergrat on the Ortles together with Vittorio Messini and Matthias Wurzer.

There-is-nobody There-is-nobody
2020-04-01 10:00:00



There are moments in which you have to dig deep within yourself. This can only happen when you climb up a mountain, on your own.

An-ice-adventure-in-the-Apennines An-ice-adventure-in-the-Apennines
2020-03-24 09:00:00

A solo ice adventure in the Apennines


We find ourselves in winter, even if this year’s season could be more accurately termed an “extended autumn” rather than an actual winter due to low snowfall.

Dolomites-Project Dolomites-Project
2020-02-17 09:00:00

Into the heart of the Dolomites – on the #puremountain trail


How does it feel to wake up at over 2,000 meters? How does it feel to be at 3,000 meters and see only mountains all around? These questions have drawn me to one of the most beautiful mountain areas within our dear Alps: the Dolomites.

Sisa-Vottero Sisa-Vottero
2020-01-24 10:00:00

Crossing Chile with a bicycle and a pair of skis


We left Italy on a scorching 15th of August and we woke up after an 18-hour flight to the cool air of winter in Santiago, where the first leg of our plan awaited us: Termas de Chillan.

apeninopop-title apeninopop-title
2019-12-19 15:00:00

Not just music, but passion for the mountain and the environment


They call them inland, marginal and underdeveloped areas. They say that there's nothing around these parts. But if there's nothing here, where do you find everything?

greenland-top greenland-top
2019-12-18 15:00:00

Adventure with Federica Mingolla - Greenland. Establishing a new route


"How do you spell it? I can't find it on Google Maps..." this was the recurring question from all of the friends to whom I had spoken about my Greenland adventure with Federica Mingolla.

previewMn7PUgWYiBoh1 previewMn7PUgWYiBoh1
2019-12-12 00:00:00

An Upside-Down Ski trip


That is how my story about my thrilling expedition in New Zealand begins. I'll tell you a tale rich in nuances, about a journey I'll never forget.

balkan-skitrip balkan-skitrip
2019-12-09 15:00:00

SKIJIMI - Skiing, Eastern European Style


Three of us girls with our luggage, skis and a plane ticket. Destination? Eastern Europe. We're about to discover the rugged mountains of the Balkans.

previewz4kDSAEYovngf previewz4kDSAEYovngf
2019-12-06 15:00:00



Above all, our aim was to explore a new place without any personal expectations, following the rhythms of the days by immersing ourselves in nature.

AltripianiJmOxR43lhqSFv AltripianiJmOxR43lhqSFv
2019-12-06 09:00:00

Christmas at 4,610 metres, Cordillera Blanca, Peru


It's the 24 December today and for Christmas Eve we have arrived at Laguna 69. Laguna 69 is one of the most stunning lakes in the world and is without doubt a must-see destination in Peru.

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