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Do you remember your first traveling experience? When your parents or grandparents took you to the sea, a lake or even to the mountains? You were probably excited days before you left, imagining what it would be like at your destination and thinking about what you would take with you on your trip. You probably packed your bag several days before your departure day, and made sure you stuffed all your favourite books and clothes in it. But, what if you didn't need to pack all of your favourite things? If you travel light, you have more room for new experiences. Maybe you are sitting at home right now, like we are, and maybe you are thinking about your next trip and making plans in your head or on a piece of paper. You might be planning a week long trip to a place not far from home, where you have never been before. You won't be taking the car, but traveling by bike, bus or train, and everything you take with you on this trip fits into a backpack.

By purchasing a Salewa backpack, you will receive a free necktube - as a small travel companion.

Please remember to confirm that the free necktube (00024885) has appeared in your cart, after adding a backpack to your shopping cart. For each purchase you can only receive one free necktube. The promotion is valid until 30/04/2020, or while supplies last.

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