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LaMano – for an ascendant season

Climbing has long been the supreme discipline of mountain sports in summer, and
it is embedded deep in SALEWA’s DNA. For 75 years, the brand has specialised in
offering mountain sportspersons functional products. With its LaMano range of apparel,
it is also offering these to a growing number of sports climbing and bouldering
enthusiasts – and doing so in style. With the support of the SALEWA alpineXtrem
team and the third ROCKSHOW planned for 2011, the brand bearing the eagle logo is
actively helping talented young climbers to pursue their passion.
Bolzano (IT), June 2010 – How can you recognise the arrival of spring in the mountains? From the
sound of jangling carabiners on popular south-facing slopes. Depending on the weather and snow
conditions, sun-warmed limestone or glittering golden granite can attract lovers of the vertical to the
lofty heights or challenging boulders as early as March. Climbing, with its various disciplines – alpine,
sport and wall climbing and bouldering – continues to attract new fans. According to the German
Alpine Club, more than two million are regularly active on vertical or overhanging structures.
Most of these have discovered that climbing is far more than just an exciting sport, for many of its
aspects are either analogous to or metaphors for other areas of life. Anyone asking an enthusiast is in
for a lengthy response. It is all about the conscious use of climbing technique and tactics, the interplay
between body and mind, “reading” the right route, coordinating complex psychological and physical
factors, and sharing knowledge of new routes and popular classics. And, last but not least, about gathering
round the campfire – with tired arms and close friends.
It should be no surprise that climbing is becoming an attitude to life for more and more people, a
lifestyle that the target group also wishes to express through corresponding apparel. Women and
men who are fans of the vertical will find 24 and 30 options respectively for just this purpose in the
new LaMano collection from SALEWA. These include an elastic hair band, classic rock cap, casually
tailored shorts, ¾ pants, baggy boulder pants, thick cotton hoodies, cooler long sleeve tops, colourful
T-shirts and figure-hugging tank tops. These casual and consciously modern style interpretations hold
a surprising range of features and functions for their wearers. These include sustainably-produced
cotton from Africa, anti-mosquito components or the use of special lightweight fibres to ensure that
vertical athletes can maintain a firm grip in even the warmest temperatures. To ensure that new talent
is also well looked after, summer 2011 will see the first xx-piece children’s collection – and, thanks to
the “Growing Clothes” technology, these clothes will fit for two additional years.

Yet SALEWA is also active far beyond its product range in promoting the spirit of climbing, which has
already become an elixir to many. On the 20-person alpineXtrem Team, six professionals are able to
devote themselves full-time to climbing thanks to the support from Bolzano. With the third edition of
the successful ROCKSHOW, that will once again be making its way through the climbing hotspots of
Central Europe in summer 2011, talented young locals will also have the opportunity to join with the
team’s professional athletes in climbing, drilling new routes and laying the foundation for a successful
sports career.

La Mano – an ascendant summer for Her
Hubella CO W Pants
The women’s counterpart to the men’s bouldering weapon, Hubble. With reinforced insert and an
extremely comfortable cut.
Sizes: 38/32 – 50/44
Material: 100% cotton
Fit: Loose
Weight: 490 g
Colours: Aurora pink, carbon,
sulphur, haze
Price: 79,95 Euro
Product code: 21565
Johanna Ernst – alpineXtrem Team
Summer 2011

Mira Dry W 3/4 Pants
Casual ¾ pants made from double-weave stretch material with a Polygiene® finish to help reduce
odour-producing bacteria.
Sizes: 38/32 – 52/46
Material: 88% PA, 12% EA
Fit: Loose
Weight: 200 g
Colours: Sand, carbon, mint, pagoda
Price: 59,95 Euro
Product code: 21758
Warm Up W Ponocho
Only a warm climber is a good climber – the Warm up Poncho provides warmth that is particularly
stylish. Shoulder insulation and hood made from Primaloft.
Sizes: 38/32 – 50/44
Material: S/M, L/XL
Fit: Loose
Weight: 360 g
Colours: Waterfall, white, amber, aurora pink
Price: 99,95 Euro
Product code: 21572

Merry B 5 CO W Hoodie
Anyone not wishing to get too cool while securing should get to know Merry, for its front opening
makes it possible to access the tube, HMS etc. when the hoodie is worn over the harness.
Sizes: 38/32 – 50/44
Material: 100% cotton
Fit: Loose
Weight: 600 g
Colours: White, carbon, sulphur
Price: 79,95 Euro
Product code: 21559
Balance CO Am W Top
This top really tops them all, for its Healthguard feature offers protection against mosquitoes and tick
Sizes: 38/32 – 50/44
Material: 95% cotton, 5% EA
Fit: Athletic
Weight: 120 g
Colours: White, carbon, aurora pink
Price: 34,95 Euro
Product code: 21552

La Mano – an ascendant summer for Him
Hubble 2.0 CO STR Pants
A new generation of successful endeavour: These popular bouldering pants are now also available in
a stretch version.
La Mano – an ascendant summer for Him
Daniel Kopp – alpineXtrem Team
Sizes: 44 / XS – 54 / 2XL
Material: 97% cotton / 3% EA
Fit: Loose
Weight: 470 g
Colours: Haze, carbon
Price: 89,95 Euro
Product code: 21520

Silence 4.0 CO M AM T-shirt
Leaves lasting handprints: the Smaryll is made from African cotton jersey and offers protection from
mosquito and tick bites.
Eiger Pioneer M Jacket
Great name, great jacket: you can wear this casual hoodie comfortably over the harness when securing,
and thanks to the opening in the front compartment still access the rope attachments when needed.
Sizes: 46 / S – 56 / 3XL
Material: 63% polyester / 35% cotton /
2% spandex
Fit: Regular
Weight: 130 g
Colours: Amber, white, carbon, pagoda,
Price: 39.95 Euro
Product code: 21541
Sizes: 46 / S – 56 / 3XL
Material: 100% cotton
Fit: Regular
Weight: 680 g
Colours: Amber, haze, carbon, pagoda,
Price: 99,95 Euro
Product code: 21571

Nylo WP M Jacket
For cool summer evenings. Windproof double-layer nylon jacket that is unbelievably light.
Ralph CO M Hoodie
Casual hoodie made from sustainably-farmed cotton with a climbing print on the back.
Sizes: 46 / S – 56 / 3XL
Material: 100% PA
Fit: Regular
Weight: 230 g
Colours: Amber, haze, carbon, pagoda,
Price: 149.00 Euro
Product code: 21547
Sizes: 46 / S – 56 / 3XL
Material: 100% cotton
Fit: Loose
Weight: 590 g
Colours: Amber, sulphur, carbon, pagoda,
Price: 89,95 Euro
Product code: 21569

La Mano – an ascendant summer for Children
Hubble CO Kid Pants
Like father, like son: made of stretch cotton and with a mosquito-repellent finish, it is certain to be the
daughter’s favourite as well.
La Mano – an ascendant summer for Children
Sizes: 92 - 176
Material: 97% cotton / 3% EA
Weight: 470 g
Colours: Chlorophyll, Tuscany, olive
Price: 69,95 Euro
Product code: 21639

Plakias Co Kid L/S Pullover
Wonderfully soft hoodie; as with the Eiger and Merry, it boasts a front opening for securing activities
with the shirt over the harness.
Fraguel CO Kid 3/4 Pant
Casual baggy pants – protect against uniformity, mosquitoes and ticks.
Sizes: 92 - 176
Material: 100% cotton
Weight: 515 g
Colours: Tuscany, yellow sun, royal, haze
Price: 59,95 Euro
Product code: 21634
Sizes: 92 - 176
Material: 97% cotton, 3% EA
Fit: Regular
Weight: 181 g
Colours: Chlorophyll, Tuscany, sand
Price: 59,95 Euro
Product code: 21640

Nago CO Kid S/S Tee
Named after one of the most popular spots on Lake Garda. With the SALEWA Rockshow print. Armed
with anti-mosquito finish.
Sizes: 92 - 176
Material: 97% cotton, 3% EA
Fit: Regular
Weight: 85 g
Colours: Chlorophyll, Tuscany, snow, campanula
Price: 29,95 Euro
Product code: 21649